Special Projects

Special Projects

Expand the Boundaries of
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Special Projects

Your Ideas, Our Stone

Natural stone and awe-inspiring designs go hand in hand. Modern technologies have unlocked greater possibilities for what can be achieved in stone. Polycor manufactures and quarries the raw materials required for clients to realize the most creative, cutting-edge and unique designs imaginable.

There’s no limit to what can be achieved when great minds work together. Let our stones inspire your next special project.

We Are Passionate about Natural Stone and Want to Help You Create Beautiful Designs That Will Last through the Ages

Natural stone is a timeless material that has been used to push boundaries, challenge convention, and construct innovative designs since ancient times. To ensure that special designs last through the ages, Polycor’s superior stone quarries are relied upon to provide the highest quality of raw materials, from durable blocks and slabs to intricate cut stones, for projects all around the world.

Investing in reputable and time-tested natural stones ensures a product of strength, beauty and longevity that can withstand the elements and be appreciated by generations to come.

Benefits of working with Polycor for your special project needs:

  • Unlimited reserves of natural stone from local quarries.
  • Capabilities to quarry, supply and transport stone in any format and size – from large raw blocks to sawn or special finished thick slabs.
  • Deep knowledge of stone qualities and characteristics, as well as the capabilities of what can be achieved with the right stone for a particular project.
  • Access to a large network of stone industry professionals across many specialties and areas of expertise

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