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Granite Curbing

Granite Curbing

Granite Curbing: A Durable Investment for the Future

Impressive Inventory

Deep Inventory from Polycor North American Quarries Ensures Reliable Resources for Every Project

Granite curbing is a valuable investment for any municipality or property owner looking for a long-term, reliable solution. Polycor’s inventory of North American granite ensures that each project is supplied for success.

Using granite is the optimal choice for a variety of commercial, public or civic applications due to the wide range of functional benefits it offers. Not only does granite curb offer long-term visual appeal, its composition and durability make it ideal for various street designs that range from small to large-scale projects.

Polycor’s impressive inventory from our North American quarries and manufacturing facilities ensures that every project – no matter the size – is equipped with quality resources. As a municipality or property owner interested in investing in durable and reliable curbing, granite curbing provides an excellent return on investment.

Granite Curb Stones Add Value and Permanence

Reinforces Historic Character

Adds distinction and visual enhancement to public sidewalks

Lifelong Durability

Granite is naturally durable and resists freeze-thaw cycles, lasting five times longer than concrete or asphalt

Cost Savings

When long-term costs of concrete curbing maintenance and repairs are considered, granite provides added savings.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Using granite eliminates the costs of preventative upkeep and replacements.

Provides Value

Granite curbing creates a premium look and feel that benefits the resale of commercial properties.

Withstands Extreme Conditions

Due to its superior density, granite is not negatively affected by road milling, road salt and erosion.

Prolong the Life of Asphalt

Granite curbing keeps pavement intact by providing a protective barrier.


Granite curbing is infinitely recyclable and can be repurposed or
reset many times over, for generations to come.

Key Project Types

These Projects Can All Benefit from Using Granite Curbing

Functional elements are often the most important factors to consider when selecting curbing. While the visual appeal of granite curbing speaks for itself, this versatile option also offers a wide range of technical benefits to consider when project planning.

  • State Highways (Department of Transportation Projects)
  • Municipalities for Roadway / Sidewalk Improvements
  • Colleges / Schools / Universities
  • Residential Developments
  • Commercial Developments

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