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Memorialize Your Civic Heroes with a Monument Made of Iconic Polycor Stone Products

Honor distinguished individuals with a lasting tribute in your community. Make your memorial stone monument stand out from the rest with our premium quality materials.

Through the construction and installation of stone memorials, organizations can honor distinguished individuals and civic heroes with a lasting tribute in their community. Limestone, marble and granite monuments offer an elegant option that stands the test of time, providing onlookers with a stone memorial to which they can look up to and be inspired.

It’s important to partner with stone providers who have mastered the art of quarrying and fabricating stone to supply premium materials for monuments worthy of any special occasion. By selecting high-quality stone from Polycor’s trusted quarries you can rest assured you are getting only the best materials and craftsmanship with each block or slab.

Transform Your Public Spaces with the Highest Quality Stone Materials and Craftsmanship

Ensure that public recognition of these admirable individuals will last for generations to come and continue to stand as symbols of pride in the community. Let us supply your next special project with the lasting stone materials it deserves.

  • Owners of over 50 quarries with unlimited reserves of stone
  • Trusted supplier of raw stone materials for monument companies around the world
  • Polycor Stone used for hundreds of Veterans War memorials, and in VA National Cemeteries
  • Cut-To-Size stone service for any memorial application
  • From blocks to slabs or stone blanks in many different colors and finishes

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